Digital Magazine Publishing Software

The best digital publishing system on the market with features and capabilities very similar to Adobe, but affordable even for small publishers. Tools to quickly set up your own Newsstand included.

From replica to highly interactive digital magazines.

Digital Magazine Publishing software

Edition Digital publishing software unifies all the crucial points of effective digital publishing. You can create a truly interactive digital magazine with animations, audio and video integrations, social media and RSS feeds. Rock solid SEO is part and parcel of the system as in all efficient content distribution solutions.

With Edition Digital tools, creating your Newsstand literally only takes a couple of clicks, and the set-up process that follows it is very easy. It can be activated in a matter of minutes, with complete user-management and unified access control over web and apps content. It solves many of the problems publishers have had with cross-platform selling.

.Our Newsstand enables you to make all your digital publications available in one place, where they’re easy to follow, read, and share. What’s also great is the option to sell single copies, bundles and articles, subscriptions or memberships on a responsive web page and through native apps at the same time.

Single title plan from £149 per month.

No start-up costs, no development costs, hosting included.

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